“All that can be learn’d of them is that…there they are.”

– Daniel Defoe, circa. 1790


REMNANTS 2k DCP is showing as part of the Giant Screen Cinema Association 2014 conference, Toronto, Canada.
23rd September @ 3:30 pm – Venue: Queensway Cineplex

The next screening of REMNANTS 2k DCP will be held in association with the Wiltshire Museum, at Devizes Cinema, 1:00pm, Saturday 19th April 2014.
Advance booking: www.wiltshiremuseum.org.uk/events/index.php?Action=2&thID=907&prev=1

The 4k Fulldome version had its world premiere in Berlin on 16th November 2013. As part of their German tour,
Thorsten Quaeschning and Picture Palace Music performed the soundtrack live to the planetarium / dome
version of the film.

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