“With the abandonment of stone for the increasing use of metal, something changed in people’s hearts.”

– Anne Bancroft, ‘ORIGINS OF THE SACRED’ (1988)

“… a wonderful short directed by Grant Wakefield. Filmed using motion controlled time-lapse photography, REMNANTS captures on film the thousands of complex stone monuments constructed by the Neolithic peoples of Northern Europe from 3800 to 1000 BC. Stunning 2k resolution and extraordinary music provided by Tangerine Dream member Thorsten Quaeschning.”

– Bruce Campbell, CINEMA RETRO, Bradford Film Festival – ‘Widescreen Weekend’ 2013

“Through beautiful and hard-earned imagery Wakefield has created a moving inner journey that lets us to feel our connection to our ancient roots and the timeless turning of the earth. I loved it.”

– Mark Magidson, Producer – BARAKA & SAMSARA

“REMNANTS is a love letter to our ancient ancestors and the world they inhabited. Wakefield has travelled to the most remote and beautiful areas of the British Isles. […] Civilisations come and go, but if you know where to look, innumerable obelisks and stone circles silently watch over the landscape. No dialogue is needed here, but beautiful ambient music accompanies the whole piece.
REMNANTS is a beautiful film that looks great on the large [Pictureville] screen.”

– Dave Rogers, YORKSHIRE TIMES – Bradford Film Festival ‘Widescreen Weekend’ 2013

“Grant Wakefield’s REMNANTS is a mesmerising study of the remains of ancient civilisations, and the soundtrack by Thorsten Quaeschning captures the mood perfectly.
The film takes you on a slow-building visual journey, through to a stunningly effective, thought provoking climax that will leave you thinking about the world we live in for some time.
The images look stunning; watch it on the biggest screen possible.”

– Anthony Powell, director / producer: ANTARCTICA – A YEAR ON ICE