“It was the way of the ancients in their religious buildings, to copy out or analogise the form of the divine being,
as they conceiv’d it, in a symbolic manner. By this means they produc’d a most effectual prophylast, as they thought,
which could not fail of drawing down the blessings of divine providence upon that place and country.”

– William Stukeley, ‘ABURY’ (1743)

REMNANTS is currently available as:


36 min. / region free / 24fps / 2.38:1 aspect (2048 x 858) / Interop DCP / 5.1 audio

Two 2k DCP 2.38:1 aspect trailers (running time approx. 1:30 each / stereo mix only) are available to download as protected Zip folders. Please e-mail Grant Wakefield for unlock passwords.


36 min. / 30fps / 4096 x 4096 / 5.1 audio

Custom versions with different length / aspect / resolutions can be made to order.
Please allow up to 3 months for re-versioning and music edit / re-mix.

Film licenses are available as gate-share, and as non-exclusive stand-alone purchases with 25+ year lease period.

For all enquiries, and links to on-line consideration screeners, please contact Grant Wakefield.

grant (at) grantwakefield.com / grant (at) ancientskies.info