“The institution of the Druids is thought to have originated in Britain. […]
They are said to learn thoroughly a great number of verses. On that account, some continue
their education for twenty years. […] They would not have those who learn them, by trusting
to letters, neglect the exercise of memory. […] They also dispute largely concerning
the stars and their motion.”

– Julius Caesar, circa. 43 BC, as cited by John Matthews, ‘THE DRUID SOURCE BOOK’ (1997)


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The ANCIENT SKIES project was actually born out of the effort to produce REMNANTS, which began life as a proposed 7-10 min. IMAX format timelapse short, circa. 1987. I pitched REMNANTS at many IMAX film conferences from the late 1980’s to the early 1990’s. I had noticed that the features generally ran about 30-40 minutes, and that perhaps a short accompanying film might make for a good hour slot programme.

To back my proposal up I undertook several trips around the UK, shooting stills with the beautiful and sadly long now defunct AGFA black + white reversal film. I had in mind an Ansel Adams style, with red filtration and ultra deep focus. At the time it would have been the first exclusive use of black + white photography in the format.

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