“Simply watching the moon can make experts of us all.”

– Dr. Edwin Krupp, ‘ECHOES OF THE ANCIENT SKIES’ (1983)

CGI artist Glenn Marshall, digital image cleaner Amanda Davis,
and editor Grant Wakefield hard at it….

Download it here (mp4 – 9mb)

Toby Marks – aka BANCO DE GAIA – and vocalist Zhenia Mahdi-Nau in the studio.

Download it here (mp4 – 112mb)

A very early 6 min. test reel, made in association with Jan Tonsmann
Music by Lisa Gerrard, Steve Roach & Michael Stearns

Download only here (mov – 255mb)

Some early effects tests, later abandoned (wisely!)
Music by Plaid

Download only here (mp4 – 270mb)

More coming soon!