“The Megalithic problem is a complicated one […] and it is appropriate therefore
that researchers with different types of knowledge and insight should be engaged in solving it.”

– John Michell, ‘MEGALITHOMANIA’ (1982)

Over 15 hours of interviews were recorded for ANCIENT SKIES all over the UK, and in the US and Mexico. Enormously respected academics, astronomers and archaeologists gave a wealth of views, so much of which couldn’t be included in either the 25 or 46 min. version.

It is planned to edit a 45 min. documentary for the Blu-Ray edition as a bonus feature, tentatively entitled WALKING IN ALL THE SQUARES – THE LEGACY OF ALEXANDER THOM, in which all the interviewees discuss Archaeo-Astronomy and his pioneering work.

Until then, this page features some excerpts from the fascinating interviews that Dr. Edwin Krupp, Professor Clive Ruggles, Euan Mackie, Professor George Eogan and many others kindly gave.

Coming soon!