“Astronomy, as a science, took an early precedence, and those,
whom at this day we account barbarians,

possessed a knowledge at which we ought worthily to wonder and admire.”

as cited by Julian Cope, ‘THE MODERN ANTIQUARIAN’ (1998)

As of July 30th 2013 there are two versions of ANCIENT SKIES in the 4k FullDome format.
For all enquiries and licensing details, please see the BOOKINGS page.

The principal 25 min. English language version is available now for worldwide screenings.

A revised 46 min. version will be available from May 2014.

Both versions are narrated by Grant Wakefield.

In 2015 a 16:9 HD broadcast version of the film is planned.

Following this, a Blu-Ray edition and high quality digital downloads, featuring both ANCIENT SKIES and REMNANTS, with many extras, including a ‘making of’ documentary, additional short films and extended interviews.

Versions for digital large format flat screen theatres – such as IMAX Digital – can be custom made within approximately 3-4 months of a request, subject to prior licensing negotiations with SKY-SKAN.